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Frequently Asked Questions Custom Tile Murals Installation Ideas

About Our Company

Picture-Tiles, LLC is a US manufacturer of a wide variety of wall & floor murals using ceramic, glass, porcelain & marble tiles. Our innovative company produces tiles which are certified for residential & commercial installations.

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Picture-Tiles Contact Info
Picture-Tiles, LLC
210 2nd Ave SW
Milaca, MN 56353
How do I submit my pictures or artwork to you?
You can email us a digital image file, send a digital file on CD, or you can mail us the original photos or artwork. We'll gladly return your original images with your order.
Is there a size limit on tile murals?

We can make your tile mural any size you wish. The most common limitations are the actual dimensions of your installation space. The only factor that can limit your project is the size and quality of the original artwork or photo.
Can I use these tiles in my kitchen and bathroom?

We have tiles for use anywhere in your home. Some of our tiles are better suited for certain locations so please let us know what you have in mind and we can better assist you in choosing the right tile.
Are these tiles suitable for outdoor installations?
Only if installed in shaded areas. Tiles will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight.

Can I get a sample tile prior to ordering a mural?

We want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting when you order a mural.  By sending a proof tile, you will see the actual colors of the image on the tile type that you ordered.  The proof makes sure there are no surprises! 
How long will it take to receive my tile or tile mural?
We usually process and ship your order within 1-3 days. Delivery time may be longer on large murals or special order items. To keep our shipping costs low, we ship our tile murals using UPS Ground Shipping or USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes.
What if a tile is damaged during shipping or installation?
We carefully pack & ship your tiles. Please carefully inspect your tiles upon arrival, we will gladly replace any tile if it is damaged during shipping. If a tile is broken during installation we can reproduce that individual tile for you at our regular price.
Will you work with my builder or interior designer?

Our staff works with interior designers, architects, builders and general contractors throughout the mural project. We love working with other industry professionals. Please contact us to discuss any installation related issues. We pride ourselves on timely communication and will gladly address any concerns.
Do you install the tiles?

We ship our tile murals all over the country and do not offer installation services. If you are handy, you can install the tiles yourself-if you are not, you can hire a local tile installer to help you. We are happy to answer any questions that the installer may have. We send the murals to you with the back of the tiles numbered and with an installation grid-so the installer can put together your mural with ease.
Installing Tiles Tips:
Our tiles are installed with the same techniques as all tiles. The adhesive of choice will depend on where the mural is to be installed. Counter-tops, flooring, backsplash, shower, swimming pool & outdoor installations all have commercially available adhesives available.We recommend using a sand-free grout when installing tiles. The color of the grout is a personal choice, but white, black, brown are the most common colors.
Cleaning Tiles Tips:
We recommend cleaning your tiles with any non-abrasive household cleaner. The tiles are chemically stable and are not vulnerable to common household cleaning products. The glossy tiles are easily scratched and should only be lightly dusted with a soft cloth.
210 2nd Ave SW
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Milaca, MN 56353

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